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Sugar Sachets

Yash Sugar Sachet free from impurities and having qualities like free flowing, odorless, crystalline white, Double Refined Sugar maintaining G.M.P. & ISI standards, ensuring 100% purity & thus is most hygienic.


  • Sucrose content : 99.9%
  • Color (ICUMSA) : Less than 50
  • Solubility : Immediate
  • Micro bacterial count. : Almost nil

How you are benefited:

  • Freshness remains intact
  • Does not absorb moisture and dust from atmosphere.
  • You get a cup of tea/Coffee per sugar sachet.
  • Easy to handle in transit & storage.
  • Quickly soluble than ordinary sugar & sugar cubes.
  • Loss is minimized which you suffer because of breaking of sugar cubes.
  • Can be consumed in desired quantity as per your need and can be used again, benefit of which cannot be obtained with sugar cubes.
  • It improves standard and status of your organization.
  • Free publicity of your organization by printing logo & name on sugar sachet.

Packing of Sugar Sachets:

Sachets are packed in high quality food grade polyposter and polyglassin paper in different customized pack (Tubular & Rectangular). ( 200 Sachets x 1 x 10 polybags = 2000 Sachets. )

5 g. x 2000 Sachets = 10 Kg. corrugated box.
6 g. x 2000 Sachets = 12 Kg. corrugated box.
7 g. x 2000 Sachets = 14 Kg. corrugated box.
10 g. x 2000 Sachets = 20 Kg. corrugated box.

Yash sugar sachets have a bright vibrant design that will enhance any table top presentation while delivering accurate position control.

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