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Pharma Grade Sugar

Yash Sugars, A leading supplier of Pharmaceutical grade sugar-confirming I.P./ B.P./ U.S.P. & E.P. standards, Sucrose AR / LR & Sugar Globules (Pallets) both Pareil & non pareil.

This hygienically pure and safe Yash Pharmaceutical Grade Sugar is used for DRY SYRUP, VITAMINISED SYRUP, TABLET COATING & mfg. Of PALLETS etc.

About Yash Pharma Grade Sugar:

  • Strictly confirms all standards as per I.S.I., I.P., B.P., U.S.P. and E.P. norms.
  • Free from black specks.
  • Free from bacterial nuisance.
  • Passes microbiological and Endotoxin tests (LAL / PYROGEN).
  • Less ICUMSA level.
  • Saves cost on filtration.
  • Color of end product remains unaltered.

    Physical Characteristics of Yash Pharma Grade Sugar:

  • Appearance : Free flowing, white crystalline powder free from extraneous matter.
  • Color : Sparkling white.
  • Odour : Odourless
  • Particle Size : Passing 16 mesh(B.S.S.)

    We are specialised to supply :

    Any particle size sugar globules / pallets (Pareil and Non-Pareil)
    Special particle size sugar.
    Ash free sugar.
    So2 free sugar.
    Heavy Metals free sugar
    Icing / Pulverised sugar
    National formulary sugar.
    Sediment and Flock Test free sugar
    Everything in sugar.

    Packing of Yash Pharma Grade Sugar:

    Yash Pharmaceutical Grade Sugar is made available in standard 50 kgs. packing packed under ultra hygienic conditions through fully automatic machines in Poly ethylene liner which is sealed & packed in High Density Polyethylene bags & stitched with P.P. thread. All goods are accompanied with analytical test report and a label attached with each bag showing details of mfg. Date, Expiry Date and Batch number.

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